Privacy Policy - Best Digital Marketing Services Kurnool

Privacy Policy, I believe in good, solid inbound marketing strategies. I don’t believe in conning people out of their email so that I can spam them. I never do outbound sales as part of my personal business plan. I don’t cold call. I don’t buy, or sell data.

I do receive many inquiries through the contact form on this website. I respond to inquiries when I can if the person who has contacted me has requested. I keep their email in my business CRM, hosted through Hubspot, unless it is requested that I delete it, I never pass on contact information unless someone has asked me to pass on their details to freelancer friends.

I do email marketing as part of my marketing strategy, I never add people’s details to my email list unless they have opted in. If you have made an inquiry, don’t expect a monthly newsletter from me without permission.

I do collect data through Google Analytics and Google Search console. This shows me the demographic information of my web users, how I’m performing in Google and which content my visitors prefer, and where I’m best promoting myself. This helps me reach more people like you, it doesn’t help me to contact you repeatedly! You can find my Cookie Policy here.

I use Facebook Pixel to collect data. I rarely advertise, but I may use your data to remarket to you in future.

I do not use any IP tracking software.

I take data protection and internet security very seriously. I use methods such as strong unique passwords, two-factor authentication, and login approval. No one sees your data except me and the third-party applications that I use on my website.

It’s worth mentioning, that not all the websites that I link to have the same privacy policy as I do.